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Shall we start with light paddle spankings and sensory deprivation or tight bondage and welted, stinging arses? Ball-gags or butt-plugs? Raw, rough animalistic fucking or slow and sensual sex with tender kisses and trembling orgasms? Don’t worry, I won’t make you decide because you’ll find it all, right here. Welcome.

I’m The Secret Submissive – writer of honest and immersive BDSM erotica – including the sexy and steamy A Taste of Submission collection. Covering a range of hard and soft kinks, each tale is carefully crafted to tease, please and satisfy you completely. Available directly to your mobile, e-reader, tablet or computer, or as classic paperbacks, you can enjoy the fun and filth in any way and anywhere you choose! Let me immerse you in the true beauty of the dom/ sub dynamic as you journey into the alluring world of BDSM.

Whether you’re an experienced member of the BDSM community, looking for realistic, quality erotica to satisfy your kinks, or you’re just quietly curious and hoping to explore the naughtier side of your personality, my kinky playground is the perfect place for you. My stories are there to spark your imagination and give you great new ideas for your next play session or to simply open doors and introduce new passion and possibilities into your life. Furthermore, I have partnered with Tickle.Life (the world’s first community-based discovery platform for sexual wellbeing and sexuality) to bring you regular articles on topics that interest you the most. At Tickle.Life, we believe in promoting a sex-positive environment that is safe, inclusive, free of judgement, and which respects your privacy.

On my site, you will find information about my latest writing endeavours as well as links to my social media accounts – it is a pleasure to have you here with me so don’t be a stranger! Come and check out my most recent saucy shenanigans!

Keep your safeword on standby and enjoy exploring!

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