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The Secret Submissive

Here are my favourite household items to repurpose for a spanking: wooden spoon, hairbrush, slipper, ping-pong bat!

Jaimee Bell

No nipple clamps? No problem: use clothespins. You're welcome!

Hansa Bosbach

If she has been a very good girl.. put her to bed that night and let her sleep with your cock inside her. It is both sexy and lovingly intimate. Sweet dreams.... 🙂


An unexpected favourite of ours has been the anal hook, as part of an ongoing liking for metal bondage, including chains.


Try a session without the blindfold. You will be amazed at how deep the eye contact can take the connection and make it so much more intense. Sometimes don't let them see your next move; sometimes look them straight in the eyes while you do it. Maximize the intensity.

Lysette Turner

When in doubt, eat some ass. I have found this works for men, women, in real-life and in my writing.


Use a plastic scrubbing brush as a sensory and/or impact toy. It's very flexible as you vary how hard you press on it and how you move it, dragging across the arse, twisting on a nipple, etc.

TSS's Dom

If my sub cums without permission, the punishment she receives needs to educate her & improve her self-control. After a BJ, she's made to keep my cum in her mouth with a pair of knickers over her face to ensure not a drop is spilt. Then she's placed firmly over my knee & spanked thoroughly - 25 strokes min, perhaps with a leather slipper. If a drop is spilt or swallowed, she knows that a caning will follow.

Kinky Katie

Gaffa tape! Something so naughty feeling about it. Either for tying me up or taping the Hitachi Wand against my clit!


If you do "figging" keep fresh Ginger in a baggie & store in the vegetable drawer of a refrigerator.

Sue Philips

A feather dipped in honey or ice-cream and used as a trail down my partner's body, across erogenous zones.


The use of a disposable electric toothbrush can really work on nipples and the clitoris.


Use a makeup brush to caress your sub's body. It will be very pleasant, but a while later, they will badly crave for more. It's only up to you, how long you want to let them beg.

Indulgent Desires

Don’t underestimate biting... It’s a great entry-level way to play because you can test different levels of pain. And we like to think of bite marks as love notes written in flesh...


We have just got into the role-play way of things, And what's interesting is that weird and strange characters pop up and have sex with us - the other night we had a threesome with a big sexy Assassin! This is all while we talk dirty to each other. Try role-play!


Wear her panties. If they don't fit - go shopping together and let her choose a pair for you to wear to work or whilst you are out with your friends. It will make you feel more alive than you can dream of.


I'm actually new to this, but I find it very interesting and special when you both take turns being the dominant one on different days. Also communicating is always key.

Jupiter Grant

I'm a big fan of having my wrists and/or ankles restrained using his necktie or my stockings. Or having them tied around my mouth to bite on!


In a long-distance relationship, you sometimes have to get creative! Last time my partner did something requiring punishment, I had him write 100 lines. It was rather effective both emotionally & physically - his hand felt the effects for days! 😉

Lord Unicron

If you've got a dollar, you can get your first kink toy! A cutting board from the dollar store makes a wonderful, surprisingly thuddy paddle for when your sub needs a little EXTRA attention.

Wicked Tongue

Tie your partner to the bed, spend hours licking and teasing, whispering fantasies, bringing her to the edge over and over and over. Make her beg to be allowed to cum, and then it's up to you to decide... Now, or next time?

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