Nomi Tang: Better than Chocolate Classic

Nomi Tang: Better than Chocolate Classic

26th June 2020 | By The Secret Submissive

Welcome to The Joy Box where I’ll be reviewing Nomi Tang’s Better than Chocolate Classic (lay-on clitoral and labial vibrator). As a complete chocolate addict, this product had a lot to live up to so I was incredibly excited to get started. It’s safe to say, I had a fun week trying out this sweet piece of kit so let’s get down and dirty and explore the results…

First Impressions…

The product certainly has a luxury feel to it. It arrived in an elegant white box, lightly stamped with the Nomi Tang logo. The inside of the box is lined with satin, allowing the vibrator to sit snugly; with this in mind, it’s great for storage but it also looks the part as a gift box. I felt sexy, excited and special when I opened it so it would definitely make a beautiful present.

I was immediately impressed with Better than Chocolate as it was simple to use! Its futuristic tulip design had me guessing, for a second, how on earth I would charge it but it was incredibly easy. The USB charging cable, provided in the box, operates in a ‘plug-in and play’ fashion and it was fully charged in approximately 5 hours, as stated on the website. I used my Apple iPhone charger which was super handy as I didn’t have to turn my laptop on. The specified battery life is 2-4 hours but it lasted the full week for me with no reduction in intensity which I was really pleased about.

This toy is also clever as it has a built-in travel lock – you hold down the power button for 3 seconds and voila! I will definitely be packing this for my next play session with Sir. Due to its gentle nature, which I’ll get to in a while, we think it will be great for edging. Bring on the end of social distancing so we can put our theory into practice!

Getting handsy…

The toy is made from an ultra-soft and velvety silicone which genuinely feels incredible against your skin. It’s so silky and the curved shape sat comfortably between my legs and lips. I have very small hands and often prefer smaller, more compact clitoral vibrators but the design made it easy to handle – I had no problems with its size and I also loved the grip provided by the winged sides which helped me to maintain full control at all times. I’m right-handed but often use my left hand to masturbate and the functions were easy to find and adjust with either hand, even when I was on the brink of orgasm and desperate for that extra-intense nudge to push me over the edge.

The surface of the vibrator is prone to collecting a little dust but as it is waterproof (up to 1 metre) I didn’t find this to be an issue. Before the first use and after each subsequent one, I simply washed it with mild soap and warm water and stored it in its box.

Let playtime begin…

Okay, so let’s get to the juicy bit and oh my, was it juicy! Better than Chocolate Classic has 8 different vibration pattern settings which can be changed and cycled through by pressing the power button. The vibrations range from a deep and steady continuous rumble to peaks and troughs of varying speeds and intensities. Furthermore, stroking the touch-sensitive slider bar can increase or decrease the power of the vibrations with ease so there was no breaking off to adjust the sensations, which I really loved.

The first time I used Better than Chocolate Classic was in bed, on my back – the classic masturbation position. It took me around an average time to reach orgasm and what I really enjoyed was that it gave me the kind of pussy-clenching orgasm I can usually only achieve with my fingers alone. A lot of my vibrating toys are guilty of giving me a quick, dull orgasm that leaves my clit feeling numb. Better than Chocolate Classic is definitely powerful but the vibration mechanism seems to be deep enough inside the toy so that it doesn’t frazzle every nerve ending. The shape of the toy also means that it covers a large surface area and as I rocked it back and forth, it stimulated my mound, lips and clit which got me so much wetter than some of my narrower toys.

I also tried out Better than Chocolate Classic in the shower for some steamy alone-time as this is something I really enjoy, usually with a suction cup dildo. Because of the lay-on design of the toy, it was harder to use for a long time whilst upright – I wasn’t able to grip it between my legs – but I still reaped the benefits. The vibrations didn’t feel as intense against my clit, with the addition of water, but it was still powerful enough to achieve orgasm. I thoroughly enjoyed the slow build of pleasure and the final release was satisfying. If you have the time and patience, I think Better than Chocolate Classic would be great for unwinding in the tub with a few candles and a glass of wine.

Overall, I was really pleased with the design, feel and quality of the product and the fact that it brought me to orgasm without leaving me numb and frazzling every nerve-ending. It achieves everything I would expect from a lay-on stimulator and let’s face it, it’s incredibly pretty too. The only downside for me was that it was a tad noisy, during the dead of the night, and I was a little conscious as to whether the buzzy rumble could be heard by others! I wasn’t concerned during the day; I like to think my duvet did enough to muffle the noise and that my door did enough to hide my moans!


If you like your orgasms quick and dirty, Better than Chocolate Classic might not be for you. The vibrations are strong and the settings plentiful but this gadget will make you wait and work for release. For me, this is one of the reasons I enjoyed it so very much and it certainly lived up to its sweet and sinful name, in my eyes!

Thank you to Nomi Tang for providing Better than Chocolate Classic in exchange for an honest review.

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