Nomi Tang: IntiMate

Nomi Tang: IntiMate

30th September 2020 | By The Secret Submissive

Welcome to The Joy Box where I’ll be reviewing Nomi Tang’s IntiMate (Kegel ball exerciser set). This combined pleasure and fitness set aims to enhance sexual sensation by helping you to isolate and contract the correct muscles, in order to strengthen your pelvic floor. 

I have tried various love eggs and novelty jiggle balls in the past, for sexual pleasure, so I was very excited to get intimate with this gorgeous piece of kit! Let’s explore the results…

First Impressions…

Just like the Better than Chocolate Classic, the IntiMate set comes in a beautiful satin-lined box. Self-care should always make you feel special and the packing and presentation of the IntiMate set certainly help to achieve this. The deep-pink colour is beautiful and the small size of the balls makes the product look pretty and appealing, rather than intimidating. I couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

IntiMate is anatomically designed, with two weight options. The single ball (53g) is used for beginner’s training or women who have never experienced childbirth; whereas, the double ball (106.8g) is more suited to those who have experienced childbirth or those who are comfortable with Kegel exercises. The manual suggests training for 20-30 minutes a day, over a 12-week period, for noticeable results, and switching from the single ball to the double ball after approximately 4 weeks.

I used the single ball for training, roughly 3-4 times a week, over a 12-week period (I started with every intention of daily play but found that I couldn’t commit to this) and although I didn’t switch to the double ball as the single was more than sufficient, I did use both products for pleasure, as I will describe in detail further down! Nomi Tang also kindly supplied Liquid Aqua Based Lubricant for this trial which I will also review.

Getting Handsy…

The products are made from silky-smooth silicone which makes it great to handle and very comfortable to wear. The IntiMate balls are heavily weighted but the inner ball rolls and jiggles silently so they are discreet and remain intimate! The balls are made to be inserted like a tampon; the attached plastic loop is very sturdy and the entire product is waterproof so clean-up is nice and easy. I generally completed my Kegel training in the morning (whilst cleaning up and having breakfast… or exercising, if I was feeling brave) and then I’d simply wash it with mild soap and water whilst in the shower and store it in the box to keep it clean and dust-free.

Liquid Aqua Based Lubricant…

To eliminate the resistance caused by the velvety surface of the IntiMate balls, I rubbed a dollop of lube all over before inserting it. Even the small ball required a little patience to insert and I found that a crouching position, or placing one leg up onto a chair, was the most comfortable. The lube is completely odour free and it’s a pleasant consistency which made application nice and easy. It has a lovely silky texture and when used with other sex toys, such as a dildo, the effects were long-lasting. The only issue for me is that this lubricant is a little stickier than other brands I have used which made playtime a little messier but I guess that’s not always a bad thing! The stickiness did not interfere with my enjoyment during playing so this wasn’t a deal-breaker but it was just a little annoying afterwards.

Kegel Training…

It’s important to ensure that the IntiMate is inserted at least 2cm inside you, to engage the correct muscles and to ensure that you do not cause yourself an injury. The first few times I used the toy, I found the weight to be incredibly significant and I was very aware of it clunking inside of me with every movement. It was a strange sensation and I was desperate to remove it after 10-15 minutes. During these early sessions, I would stay still and try to relax, focusing on just squeezing my muscles around the ball for approximately 5 seconds at a time, like you would if you were trying to stop urinating, mid-flow.

Once I got used to inserting IntiMate and anticipating its weightiness, I grew more confident in continuing my daily routine whilst wearing it. It didn’t take long for my body to adjust to the sensations and to enjoy the heaviness and the rolling motion of the ball. The fullness provided by the toy, together with the contracting exercises, often leaves me hungry for release! I guess that’s why I enjoy removing the balls in the shower as it gives me time to cool off…

In terms of strengthening your pelvic floor, Nomi Tang has definitely created a quality product. Although I didn’t have any noticeable weakness to begin, regular training has made me more aware of my muscles and I can engage them more easily during masturbation and I feel like I have more control when trying to reach orgasm. This takes us nicely to my favourite part of any review – getting down and dirty!

Playtime Fun…

I wanted to embrace Kegel training and have a little fun with it too! To both challenge and edge myself at the same time, I vary my routine to include more daring or active undertakings, such as going for a walk or drive or doing a yoga session. I did have to resist the urge to remove the ball, at first, but now I do find the movement inside me to be extremely erotic.

I have used both the single-ball and double-ball IntiMate during masturbation, together with a combination of finger stimulation, clitoral vibrators and anal toys. The verdict? Wow! It is important to note that a Kegel ball does not induce an orgasm in itself; however, it does help you to tone and control your pelvic floor; it will create a wonderfully ‘full’ sensation, and it will shake and move whilst inside you. It is this combination that can help some women to achieve more powerful orgasms and it is why I enjoy playing with the IntiMate set.

The feeling of clenching and purposefully engaging my muscles in this way was quite new to me and although it was strange, it was also enjoyable. The balls intensify the sensations I feel from stimulating my clit and they make me very wet indeed. I was used to playing with my clit with a dildo inside my vagina, but when an orgasm builds, I’ll often push it out and lose the intensity that was building. Due to the design of the Kegel-ball, it stays put and my vagina contracts around it and grips it tightly. The first time that I orgasmed with a Kegel ball inside me, the build was so intense that I didn’t allow myself to let go fully, through fear of causing damage! I did a little research, however, and found that as long as there is no pain, it is fine, and so I tried again.

When I masturbate with IntiMate, I need to make sure I’m fully relaxed and I find that using my fingers to slowly build pleasure is far better than jumping to a clitoral stimulator and shocking my body with a quick and dirty release. I enjoy strong orgasms with the balls inside me but do prefer the single-ball over the double, probably due to my size. I wouldn’t use this product without a lot of lubrication and I like to wait until I have recovered and relaxed from an orgasm before removing the product so I don’t feel any discomfort.


IntiMate is a quality Kegel exerciser and a worthwhile investment for anyone who is looking to strengthen and tone their pelvic floor. The product is beautiful to touch and well-presented, as well as working as described. Personally, I enjoyed using IntiMate for pleasure and fitness and I will continue to use it.

Thank you to Nomi Tang for providing the IntiMate set in exchange for an honest review.

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