Pleasure Jardin: Cordless Wand Massager

Pleasure Jardin: Cordless Wand Massager

3rd February 2021 | By The Secret Submissive

Welcome to The Joy Box where I will be reviewing Pleasure Jardin’s Cordless Wand Massager. I certainly had fun trialling this toy! Are you ready for this?

First Impressions…

Although simple, the monochromatic packaging is smart, compact and in no way fussy, which I like. The toy also comes with a handy black drawstring storage pouch which I really appreciate as it means my toys stay clean, separate and with their respective chargers! In addition, the user manual is incredibly succinct, consisting of four short, instructional bullet points plus cleaning, storage and safety instructions, all of which is very obvious anyway so, basically, I was able to jump right in!

I used the USB cord (provided with the product) with my iPhone charger and the toy was fully charged in 30 minutes, as stated on the website, and one charge gave me approximately 1.5 hours of play. I also love the way this toy doesn’t reduce in intensity as it runs out of battery; instead, it simply switches itself off when it needs more juice! No games!

The only downside for me is that the toy doesn’t have a built-in travel lock which is something I do value in some of my other toys; however, with Covid and Lockdown thwarting any chance of a clandestine rendezvous, this isn’t something I have to worry about right now!

Getting Handsy…

I was immediately drawn in by the shape and feel of the Cordless Wand Massager which is roughly the size of a small hairbrush. It is lightweight and comfortable to hold which is extremely important to me as it can sometimes take me a very long time to reach orgasm. The main body and head of the toy are made from gorgeously soft and velvety silicone and come in a choice of three stylish colours: black, hot pink and purple. It’s smooth and enticing against even the most delicate and intimate parts of your body, adding to that luxurious ‘self-care’ feel that a sex toy – and massager – should provide.

The Cordless Wand Massager has a generous 8 levels of intensity and a whopping 20 different vibration patterns! There are just three buttons on the handle of the toy (power, vibration and intensity) which were easy to find and adjust during play. The buttons also flash red, making it easy to control within the darkest depths of my duvet! Winner! Finally, I adore the fact that this product is waterproof! I don’t understand why sex toy manufacturers won’t just make this a standard feature for all toys because, damn, I really enjoy shower sessions!


I began by using the Cordless Wand Massager on a low setting (around 3) to tease my skin and awaken my senses. The vibrations were both soothing and relaxing and, after a stressful day, they really helped to put me in the mood for more. On a higher intensity, the Cordless Wand Massager felt wonderful on my muscles, deeply penetrating and alleviating any aches from the day. This toy would be fantastic to use as part of an erotic massage and would definitely enhance foreplay between any couple. Because of its shape and size, it was easy to manoeuvre and I felt comfortable using it in either hand, easily reaching even my neck and shoulders. 

Those of you who know me well will know that, generally, I am not a fan of nipple stimulation; however, I have slowly been exploring this further. Using just a gentle hum, I passed the wand over my breasts and around my nipples, over the areola, and actually, it felt surprisingly good. The silicone is so soft and luxurious that using the Cordless Wand Massager in this way drew an audible moan from my lips. If you’re a fan of nipple play, it’s safe to say you’ll enjoy this toy!

In terms of volume, the Cordless Wand Massager is not quiet enough to use on the bed. I did feel more comfortable under the duvet, with the television or radio on but at times, I was conscious that the buzzing would see me rumbled! Once I was suitably warmed up, I moved the Cordless Wand Massager down my stomach to my pussy mound and lips. I love the shape of the head, with its ever-so-slightly ridged surface. The head boasts a large surface area which helped to spread my lips and simultaneously rouse lots of nerve endings to really ramp up the heat between my thighs. Another smart feature of the head is its flexibility; the end rocked to fit snuggly between my lips, allowing for great clitoral stimulation.

I’ll be honest in that, by this time, I was truly ready to cum and so the Cordless Wand Massager was now on the highest setting and I was rocking and grinding against the head in desperation. It did take me a long time to reach orgasm (which is normal for me) but the build was thoroughly enjoyable and definitely heightened the finale. It didn’t take me any longer than many of my other vibrators and clitoral stimulators and the intensity of my release was certainly on par. At times, I felt like I wanted more; the silicone on the head felt a little thick and seemed to absorb some of the power but this also made the toy feel sturdy and I liked being able to push hard and grind freely, knowing it was durable. Even after a good 40 minutes of clitoral stimulation, my hand only tingled slightly and wasn’t numb. Furthermore, the Cordless Wand Massager didn’t leave my clit feeling sore, numb or frazzled at all which is so important to me.

My greediness to orgasm, during that first trial, meant that I actually missed the best feature of the Cordless Wand Massager! I didn’t discover how damn good the vibration patterns are until a few days later. I definitely made a mistake in sticking to the single frequency-highest intensity, instead of exploring the 20 different vibration patterns. As soon as I starting playing with this button, I just couldn’t get enough of it and it certainly elevated my experience. The alternations felt endless, ranging from purposeful, rhythmic buzzing to softer, rumbling shudders. Cycling through these settings teased and pushed me in the best way and helped me to reach orgasm far quicker than during the first use. This is undoubtedly the star-feature of the Cordless Wand Massager!

Finally, I enjoyed using the Cordless Wand Massager against my clit whilst using a dildo and even a small butt plug as well, on one occasion. The length of the wand’s handle meant I was able to pleasure myself with the dildo without losing contact or pressure against my clit. I also adore the way the vibrations travel through my glass and steel toys! That felt amazing. I can imagine this would be a great staple toy for a couple – as previously described, it would feel great for an intimate massage or for clitoral stimulation during penetration. It would also be ideal for endlessly (and mercilessly) teasing and edging your partner! 

What’s the verdict?

The Cordless Wand Massager is a tactile, quality toy with a generous plethora of vibration patterns and intensities. This toy will make you work for release but I certainly enjoyed the slow and sensual build. If you’re looking for a new self-care product or for something to spice up your relationship, this mighty mini wand might just be the one for you!

Thank you to Pleasure Jardin for providing the Cordless Wand Massager in exchange for an honest review.

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