Watch this space as I have three brand new collections out in 2020…

The Fantasies Collection

The Fantasies Collection will be a light and fun collection of playful stories, based upon some of the best (online & offline) roleplays from my younger years!

Look out for its release in July as it is bound to be a perfect escape from the mundane and a perfect summer read…

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Inside the Mind

The stories in this collection explore the deeper side of BDSM, delving into the hearts and minds of Doms and Subs. Get ready to experience raw and powerful emotions as I reveal the passion and true beauty of real BDSM relationships.

The After Dark Collection

Experience the darker side of my mind through this collection of twisted horror and thriller tales. Taking inspiration from classics such as Turn of the Screw and The Tell-Tale Heart, each story is laced with enough tension and suspense to keep your heart rate elevated and the hairs on your neck on end.

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