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Explore BDSM Erotica in every form… from sexy & liberating to pure, heartfelt emotion…

The Fantasies Collection

The Fantasies Collection is a sexy & filthy collection of 6 playful stories, based on some of the best (online & offline) role-plays from my younger years!

It’s a perfect escape from the mundane and a blissful summer read…

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Poetic Musings

Come with me as I explore the world through poetry. The pieces in this ever-growing collection focus on the themes of love, relationships, BDSM, sense and self.

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Spells & Submission – A FREE STORY

Safi is a beautiful yet brutal young witch who desperately craves omnipotence and doesn’t care how many defenceless mortals she has to crush in order to gain strength and power, and ultimately, achieve her goal.

However, when things don’t go quite to plan, the foolish seductress draws upon the darkest of powers to fortify her abilities and in turn, she releases a torrent of ungodly forces which test her in ways she couldn’t have imagined in even her wildest nightmares…

Keep your dominant hand ready because things are about to get scorching hot!

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All proceeds from 7 Sexy Sins will go to the charity, Feeding America. Come for the sin, but stay to help others in need

7 Sexy Sins: A Steamy Anthology

The seven deadly sins have plagued us throughout the ages, constantly tempting and beguiling humanity towards destruction.

Now, together with six other top-selling authors of erotica, we take on the seven sins. Sin can be dangerous. Sin can be deadly. But, in our hands, sin is always sexy.

Seven original tales. Seven talented authors. One great cause.

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Merry Christmas, love Secret x

I hope you enjoy this sweet and warming, festive mini-tale! Snuggle up by the fire with sexy Sub, Anya, and experience the magic and delight of BDSM at Christmas…

Originally written for T.B.C‘s Christmas Collaborations series. Check out the full collection of amazing posts!


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Inside the Mind – OUT 2021

The stories in this collection explore the deeper side of BDSM, delving into the hearts and minds of Doms and Subs. Get ready to experience raw and powerful emotions as I reveal the passion and true beauty of real BDSM relationships.

The After Dark Collection – OUT 2021

Experience the darker side of my mind through this collection of twisted horror and thriller tales. Taking inspiration from classics such as Turn of the Screw and The Tell-Tale Heart, each story is laced with enough tension and suspense to keep your heart rate elevated and the hairs on your neck on end.

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