A 2020 Love Story

A 2020 Love Story

I'm in love with the girl from '94
Pure of heart and free of fear,
Picking pebbles along the shore

My love for her bloomed in '98
Captured by those inquisitive eyes
And the kindness that did emanate

As we reached the summer of 2004
She conquered 'firsts' with zest
And strength, so ready to explore

I'm in awe of the girl from 2011
Ardently singing out of tune
Unashamedly loving and living
And forging her own set of rules

But my love for her dwindled in 2015
Shrouded by hurt and smothered in doubt
Searching for what could have been

As we enter into 2020
I vow to rekindle my love for her
To fill a void, so null and empty

For this year, I choose to write
A tale of complete adoration
A tale of absolute infatuation
With the girl I was and the girl I am

I choose to write my love story
Without fear or doubt or apology
So I can say with pride and sincerity
I'm in love with the girl from 2020

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