Spank Me, Sir

Spank Me, Sir

I have left the door ajar for you to 
Take a stroll through the gardens of my mind
You enter with caution and stride in steps so light 
That I barely notice you have arrived

You saw the lingering fog through the window
From the outside, looking in
But now you feel its heavy hold
Draining light and warmth from the wearied sun

Be careful as you navigate the brambles and the thorns
I've pricked you one too many times
Yet still, you do go on

With each instruction, you sweep and clear a path
Your choking grip grounds my roots 
Bringing wilted flowers back to life

With each rhythmic swat, you flood my mind
Your tender touch lifts the fog
As you water-colour over my grey surrounds

You enrich with an elixir of pleasure, laced with pain
Urging me to let go; to make it rain
For only when my tears flow thick and fast
Will I finally be free - at very last

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