Sunday Morning Submission

Sunday Morning Submission

Today, I would like nothing more than to curl up at your feet
And to feel my cheek brushing up against your immoveable calf,
As you read your mundane report and stroke my hair

Bands of early-morning, winter sunshine cascade through the blinds,
Marking out a safe square around your armchair –
Alternating stripes of soft light and shade project to make my morning cage

Legs crossed, I type the ideas that swirl furiously inside my mind,
Working in silence and breaking only to look up and share a smile
Your eyes encourage with the sturdy softness that emanates, helping
My words to gush and pour effortlessly, painting the page
With the vivid shades - the beauty and depth - of our world 

Today, my piece finally settles and takes its shape but a hunger ensnares
And I rise to my knees, nuzzling your thigh whilst stifling a grin
As you glance over your glasses and grip my hair

Bandaging my lead around your hand, you rise and block out the light,
Marking your dominance as you tower over my body –
Amass with swathes of nervous anticipation; I am ready to be uncaged,


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