Spells & Submission – A FREE EROTIC STORY

Spells & Submission – A FREE EROTIC STORY

Safi is a beautiful yet brutal young witch who desperately craves omnipotence and doesn’t care how many defenceless mortals she has to crush in order to gain strength and power, and ultimately, achieve her goal.

However, when things don’t go quite to plan, the foolish seductress draws upon the darkest of powers to fortify her abilities and in turn, she releases a torrent of ungodly forces which test her in ways she couldn’t have imagined in even her wildest nightmares…

Keep your dominant hand ready because things are about to get scorching hot!

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Spells & Submission – Part 1

Safi’s emerald eyes glinted under the brash lighting of the podium; her false lashes cast spidery shadows onto her chiselled, porcelain cheekbones. She gripped the pole firmly and slid her toned, stockinged thigh up the slick, steel length; her body spiralled around in time to the resounding music as she flicked her fiery red mane over her shoulder. She glided effortlessly, mesmerising all who had the misfortune of falling within her line of sight. Her body – hips swaying hypnotically – enchanted and enthralled, dragging her spectators deeper and deeper into a toxic lull.

The club was unusually quiet for a Friday night which meant that pickings were slim. Her first customer had been very strong-willed – more so than expected, based on his cheap polyester suit and receding hairline. As the only half-witch of the Southeil bloodline, Saphira had grown up knowing that she lacked the potency of the other females within her family. Whilst her sisters could have crushed and devoured the soul of any man tonight, Safi needed a toy that would submit to her willingly or near-willingly even. She needed an easy reaping that would not exhaust her so she could practise the skill of bending and twisting a man to her will. Her strength would only increase with each successful hunt and she craved omnipotence. She revelled in the thought that someday, she would be able to incinerate the will of even the strongest mortal, with just the flash of her sickeningly sweet smile or the touch of her delicate finger against the callousness of his unshaven cheek; but it had been three days since her last reaping and she was weakening.

Her eyes darkened as a depraved sense of excitement crawled through her veins, warming her to the very core of her blackened heart. Pressing her arse – clad in a strappy black and red thong – against the cool steel, she lifted her arms above her head and rocked her hips hypnotically as she methodically scanned the tables and booths around her. Narrowing her eyes into a feline glower, she ran her hands over her stomach and up her body, to her firm breasts which were bound beautifully in a long-line balconette bra that matched her thong. Squeezing handfuls of flesh, she felt a seismic longing brewing between her thighs, forcing her to hone in on her acute senses. To her frustration, she was nearing the end of her shift and time was, therefore, running out – she needed to find a mortal, sooner rather than later. Every day without a hunt would only diminish her ability to utilise her powers to their maximum capacity which would make the next reaping even harder than the last.

Her hunger was becoming insatiable.

Her body danced and worked the platform, effortlessly and independently of her mind, which worked to drown out the noise and glare around her. She drew in a mouthful of stale air, tinged with the taste of cheap alcohol and acrid cigarettes, watching the scene before her eventually slow to a tenth of its natural pace. A low, electric hum captured the entire room, suspending all action in a thick, translucent mist. Her temples ached, as though bruised, as she tapped into her wavering darkness, trying hard to maintain control and forge a connection to the malice within. As though she was underwater, she could hear the throbbing of blood, pumping and rushing through every vein and artery in the bodies around her; she could feel the surge of lewd thoughts and desires, emanating from their feeble minds. Safi sucked in their filthy needs, letting the wisps of broken words and sordid groans swirl and settle as she quickly sifted through them, looking for signs of weakness and desperation.

She burned through fragility and insecurity; it fuelled her, and the gratification she scoured from such mortals was like no other. Wading through the white noise, she followed the guidance of her aching loins, fighting the throb that swelled across her forehead, and instead, trying to concentrate on the direction in which her body was trying to guide her. She pushed past the discomfort, immersing herself in the darkness of her innate abilities.

Then, she saw him.

Sat in the farthest, dingiest booth, he was in the outermost ring of her casting and she had to fully concentrate to penetrate even the peripherals of his mind. Fully absorbed in his brandy, she couldn’t even take advantage of the usual lecherous glare and pierce through his pupils. Turning every ounce of attention towards her prey, she stroked her talons over her own skin, seeing the reaction on his body. An unwitting moan seemed to exit his lips as she trailed a single, almond-shaped nail over her chest and under his once-white shirt. She moved her hand over her own throat and tugged his slackened tie, guiding his concentration away from his glass until he found her six-inch stiletto heels in his eye-line. She had him.

Breaking the spell, she sighed with relief as the tension drained from her temples – sound and movement flooded back into the space around her. Her dilating pupils swirled with heavy, inky poison as she maintained a thread of connection with her catch of the day. Slowly reeling him in, she channelled to him morsels of lust and reckless longing, tainting his thoughts with speckles of hope and confidence which captivated him completely. She threw him a smile – sweet and coy – revelling in satisfaction as he downed the remainder of his drink in one mouthful. She was itching to toy with his mind as she aroused his pathetic body. Just the idea of making him throb and whimper for her as she contorted him in her chokehold of pleasure and pain, make her clit sizzle with unadulterated, malevolent pleasure. She was ready to completely devour every morsel of his fucking soul.

As the song ended, signalling the end of her shift, she exited the podium, mopping the light film of sweat from across her chest and neck. She could feel his eyes burning into her arse and taste his desperation – he longed to touch her.

“Cherry-” A wicked smile formed across her face as she innocently turned towards the voice. It was Darren. “Can you squeeze in one more before you go home? He’s requested you specifically.” Darren nudged her chin playfully, “looks like he’ll tip well…” She waited, connecting with his mind, knowing exactly how to play him. He rolled his eyes; “Okay, double pay?” Safi smirked, nodding as she strutted off behind the heavy velvet curtain, towards the private booths. “Room six,” he called behind her, but Safi already knew exactly where her creature was contained; ready and waiting, tangled in the delicate web she had woven for him.

As she approached the room, the tube lights sparked and flickered from the violence of her unearthed desires. She could smell his yearning before she could even see him – it seeped from his pores and trailed through the air, lingering enticingly beneath her nostrils. She stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame, awaiting a reaction. She smirked as his wide eyes climbed her endless legs – awestricken by her surprisingly Amazonian stature. To his embarrassment, an involuntary groan exited his wet lips but his words remained knotted and tangled in his parched throat.

“You requested a private show? Sit back and relax…” Safi smiled, with wild eyes. She could feel his mind spiralling – each step she took threw him off-balance. He was starting to sweat already as sweet, fiery desire blazed through his pathetic body. Glancing back at the door, Safi narrowed her eyes and turned the lock before heating the handle and fusing it closed – she couldn’t afford to be disturbed. “You can take your shirt off if you want…” she said, filling the silence.

Keeping a foot between them, she started to sway in time to the music; her eyes wandering from his quivering lip to the protruding bulge in his trousers. She revelled in how tight they looked and how uncomfortable they made him feel, straining across his crotch and almost choking his length. With every turn of her body, she used her powers to further squeeze his heavy balls and engorge his cock. Taking shallow breaths didn’t help him – he couldn’t control the brewing passion and longing – he was aching to erupt. The more he thought about touching the goddess before him, the closer he felt to strangulation. He couldn’t fathom why – no woman had ever made him feel this senseless. He toiled with the maddening sensations, tangled in doubt and fear as to whether he should simply succumb and let go. As his eyes trailed to the flimsy stretch of fabric which barely covered Safi’s pale, puffy lips, his needs darkened, he felt the tightening sensation creep from his crotch, up to his body, to around his throat. Safi could feel the things he wished to do to her and she needed to keep any shreds of dominance completely suppressed. With a squeeze of her fist, she channelled the pressure of three fingers against his windpipe, slowly extracting the unsolicited thoughts from his mind.

“You’re very… very beautiful,” he managed to dislodge the words as she closed the narrow gap between them and straddled his thigh, easing the pressure against his throat. He could feel the heat from her cunt radiating through the fabric. Placing his inept hands on her hips and letting him touch her soft skin, she yanked off his tie and tossed it aside, before beginning to unbutton his shirt. Her patience was thin and her yearning was strong – she tore through the remaining buttons and roughly tugged the shirt down his arms until he removed it. Pressed her hands against his chest, she leaned forward until her cleavage was in front of his wide doe-eyes and pressed her wetness against his thigh, grinding rhythmically, in time to the beat.

Throwing back her head, her body rippled sensually; feeding off his arousal, she pushed and pulled him to her will. He was breaking nicely. Just as his hands grew in confidence and moved to grope her waist and lower back, she whipped her body in the opposite direction, standing between his parted legs. He so desperately wished to feel more of her delicious body but she quickly bound his hands to his side. His limbs felt weighted– as heavy as lead – and his fingers tingled but logic was at disarray. He didn’t question the queer sensation which was suffusing throughout his body, for his attention was wholly focused upon the movement of her tight, young form. Pressing her round arse against him, she rolled against his bulge before bending forward and smoothing her hands down her stockinged legs, until she reached her ankles. Her thong was nestled between her glistening cunt lips and her sweet scent was intoxicating. She could feel his walls crumbling – he was pining to touch her; to taste her, but she could also feel the resistance of his body. He was fighting against the veiled chains which she had cast around his wrists and ankle, forcing her to intensify her dark charm. Her temples throbbed lightly as she concentrated, frustrated that he was causing her to deplete more of her reserves than she had intended. She had been so confident that he was going to be an easy reaping.

Pushing him further back into the seat and thrusting the armchair against the wall, she straddled his lap completely and forced him to draw in the depravity behind her eyes, watching it imprint as fear within his own. She kissed his cheek with her icy red lips, before lightly running a single nail down his face, from just beneath the socket of his eye to the edge of his jawline. He flinched from the searing pain but remained still as a demonic smile spread across her striking face. As she watched beads of blood pool to the surface of his sliced flesh, her eyes glowed in a shade he had never seen before – a chalky, stormy shade, swollen with mischief. “Tell me you want more,” she ordered.

“I want more, please,” he responded immediately, without even a second’s hesitation. Nervous tension washed over his body as he watched her intently. His heart throbbed and rattled against his ribcage – the melody, laced with notes of fear and apprehension, was music to her ears. Holding her lips just millimetres from his, she smiled sweetly:

“Good boy,” she cooed, lunging forward and sucking his lower lip into her mouth. She tasted dangerous but he revelled in it and only groaned into her mouth as she delved her teeth into his flesh and grazed his skin. She scowled wickedly, dragging four sharp talons mercilessly against the expanse of his exposed chest, plunging him into a vortex of pleasure and pain. As her tongue moved across the raised lesions, tasting the metallic tang of his blood, he felt a strident agony course through every fibrous muscle and wrap around his heart. Screaming out, he tried to close his eyes, but Safi insisted upon keeping them open, locking them wide and focused upon her own. She spoke to him without words, infiltrating the deepest depths of his subconscious. Tell me who owns you – she channelled the message with a piercing strike that made his gut wrench and bile rise into his mouth. Tell me who owns your mind… tell me who owns your body… The words ricocheted with such heaviness, that his skull pounded and pulsed.

“You, Mistress-” he murmured, whilst Safi enjoyed the sight of thick worm-like veins rising around his temples, threatening to unearth from the magnitude of her power. As he reached his uppermost limit, veiny black cords, surging with her venom, ensnared his heart and pushed through the translucent skin on his chest. She laughed at his pain and feebly began to reverse the effects by laying soothing kisses across his chest and down the length of his body. He yearned for more and she felt his mind gently dilate to let her in as her fingers deftly unzipped his trousers. Grinning, she dropped onto her knees and loosened his shackles, pleased to see that he remained in the same position, ready for her. She tugged his trousers and boxers down to his ankle – no patience for removing them fully – and breathed in the scent of his salty pre-cum.

Firmly wrapping her hand around him, she began working his shaft in long, smooth strokes, pausing only momentarily to lick the leaking tip. The taste of his mortal milk fuelled the wild motion of her hand and mouth, feeding her frenzied lust for his soul. She slackened the manacles around his mind, testing her success of his submission whilst preparing herself for the reaping. She ran her nails from thigh to knee, marking him with thick red, burning welts, waiting for his reaction to the pain. She needed emptiness; she needed numbness. His eyes dropped to meet her glare and he cursed at her silently as his wanton cock began to sap control and guide his thoughts. Safi hissed as she felt his hand move from its sticking place to grab a fistful of her hair, pulling her mouth towards his cock. “Just suck it-” he groaned, feeling Safi’s wet tongue slide down the throbbing length and hit the back of her throat. She threw out an uncomfortable cough around him.

Anger brewed, with the viscosity of black treacle, haunting every inch of her body and binding her thoughts with darkest rage. Caught in a battle of wits, she summoned an eddy of pure, black energy, blasting it down upon his member. Tightening her lips around him, she twisted the warmth of her mouth up and down, sucking harder and harder, as though she was drawing every drop of blood, from head-to-toe to his distended cock. Seeing her pupils dilate and ripple with speckles of sapphire made his mind spar harder. He could see the darkness within her core but he wouldn’t give in – his body was breaking but his will fought on as she licked and sucked, trying desperately to draw the very light from his soul.

Blinded by rage, Safi raised her arms above her head and gave a blood-curling howl, throwing a veil of darkness across the entire club. The lights sparked and shot with a sizzle, and a stifled hum reverberated through the thickened air before sound and light hovered, suspended with an eerie stillness. Everything froze to the spot. The scene throbbed and marbled, beating in time to the rhythm of Safi’s drumming heart. Immersed in a state of fixation, she sucked every ounce of fortitude from the depths of her inner-darkness and glided over to the mirrored wall opposite. Her eyes were poisoned with complete blackness and her fingertips sparked. Drawing a nail across the very tip of the third finger of her left hand, she watched with pleasure as velvety blood trailed down to her palm. Staring at her reflection, she drew a triangle on the mirrored wall, around the reflection of her face and shoulders. Sucking in a long breath through her clenched teeth, she concentrated on the centre of the triangle, letting her surroundings fade into insignificance. Her eyes rolled backwards and her hands snaked across her body, moving to touch her wet, needy cunt and swollen aching bud. With a demonic growl, she plunged her fingers deep inside herself and delivered her malevolent request, straight into the mouth of hell:

“I call upon the spirits of my fore-sisters –

The succubus who came before me;

The sirens of oceans, wide and far.

Pervade every inch of my fruitful core and fill me

From crown to toe, top-full of direst cruelty.

Strengthen the allure of my woman’s breasts

And magnify the charm of my tender flesh.

Channel your villainy through the touch of my lips

And release your wrath, unscathed, upon his unshielded shaft;

burn his milk to ash and render his piteous body devoid!

Come, thee spirits and make thick my blood

With the virtue of his untouched soul!

Feed me strength;

Feed me power –

Rid my form of all mortal connection –

Let Lucifer himself pervade my body and take control!”

As she uttered those final words, she felt the earth plough strength and fire from its core into the very marrow of her bones. With a guttural groan of release, Safi pulled forth her wet fingers and trailed them delicately over her pulsating clit. Her eyes retreated from granite to sapphire, only fortified with a callous, glassy layer. Throwing back her red locks, she laughed ominously, shattering the mirror into a thousand shards and making the lights above glow blood-orange. With a snap of her fingers, she cut through the silence and reanimated her surroundings. She cocked her head to one side and grinned at the terrified being in the corner. Lifting her hands before her breasts, she swept her prey from his seat in a forceful, magnetic jerk and flung him to the floor by her feet. His features were completely whitewashed and his eyes remained wide with terror. As she stood astride his head, Safi felt a new-found pleasure – one that stemmed from the feeling of power within.

His shaking hands flopped to his side and the vision of black and red above him began to blur. He felt the suffocation of satin against his mouth as Safi crouched over his face and forced him to breathe in the intoxicating allure of her sweet cunt. His mind was truly gaping for her now and she was free to tear every last piece of his sanity cleanly away from him. Leaning forward, she smiled and gripping his hard cock, licking it wet and swirling her tongue around his bell end. She watched with smug satisfaction as a vast network of inky blue and black veins started to appear, spreading down his cock and balls and across his thighs. With his groans aptly muffled by her grinding crotch, she increased the intensity of her sucking mouth, feeling him offering his body and mind, in exchange for release. His internal pleading and groaning bounded and echoed around her, magnifying her pleasure, trifold. Plunging her mouth from tip to base, he screamed in agony as she throated him – letting thick tendrils of saliva drip down her chin, onto her breasts. His balls swollen and ready for release, she held her mouth to the base of his cock and took from him every last drop he had to offer! As he flooded her mouth, she continued to suck hard, taking every ounce of his soul and nourishing her dark heart. She swallowed every drop of his creamy load, feeling the burning warmth of his elixir gush through her blood-stream and amplify her innate powers.

Finally satisfied, she stood up, wiping the corners of her dirty, wet mouth. Her skin glistened with an almost iridescent quality and her hair flowed in perfect silky waves. Panting lightly, she glanced down at the shell of a man, lying semi-naked beneath her. His skin was grey and covered with crawling black veins which were fading slowly as he began to recover. His soulless eyes, sunken into a gaunt, papery face with hollow cheekbones and dry, thin lips, stared through her. She nudged his ankle with the toe of her stiletto heel but he did not move – she rolled her eyes. The summoning had fortified her powers beyond anything she had ever known; she felt utterly invincible. Kneeling back down, she kissed the lips of her plaything and allowed a little dark magic to seep into his mouth to speed up the recovery of his war-torn body. She numbed his bruises and healed over the slashes, fading back the poisonous tracks to a faint grey pencil sketch. He stood without a word and redressed – an automaton – cold, hollow, and completely devoid. “Go home,” she ordered, unlocking the door.

A torrent of merciless, iced rain crashed down from the heavens, lashing against the pavement and pelting against the cars parked behind the club. Safi pulled her coat tightly around her body as she exited through the back entrance. Gales howled from every which angle, grabbing even the sturdiest of trees and shaking them fervently. She squinted as she made her way to the car, keeping her head low as the wind and rain beat against the exposed skin on her naked legs and cheeks. She cursed the weather, tempted to try using her new strength to blow away the thick, saturated clouds and snap the lightning before it could strike again. She jumped as a flash of bright indigo lit up the sky and jolted her away from her lustful thoughts. As she approached the driver’s side of her car, she noticed a familiar silhouette leaning against the ladder on the fire escape. “Hello… can I help you? We’re closed – come back tomorrow.” She knew that she could simply get in the car and leave, but intrigue had already taken hold.

His arms hung heavily by his side and his shoulders sloped awkwardly. He tapped the metal frame with the wedding band on his middle finger, calculatedly and repeatedly. The sound was irritating and drew Safi to him – she wanted to break each finger to get rid of the noise. “What the fuck do you want?” She released her coat, letting the rain penetrate through her thin cotton dress and cling to the curves of her body as she strode towards the dark figure. As she moved closer, the sky lit up, illuminating his scarred cheek and once-white shirt. A low rumble broke through the barrage of rain-fall, concealing Safi’s mocking as she recognised her fuck-toy. She hadn’t realised how short he actually was – probably no taller than five feet, six inches – a good two inches shorter than her, even without her heels. She wondered why he hadn’t left – after all, the reaping had been more than successful. The memory of tearing out his soul and feeding on his ripe vigour made her body sizzle. Maybe she would enjoy crushing him, she considered, remembering the pleasure she has unearthed from feeling his fear. The carpark was secluded – she could pound him into a cloud of fine dust and he would wash away into oblivion – no traces; no mess. She smirked.

“Kneel, Saphira,” he boomed, drowning out the fierce storm as he delivered the instruction directly into her ears. His voice stopped her in her tracks. Outraged by his sheer audacity, she narrowed her darkening eyes and concentrated blistering heat into the ends of her spindly fingers as she picked up the pace, ready to tear out his eyes and slash his throat. “Kneel,” he repeated, capturing and suspending her, mid-stride. She gasped in utter disbelief, struggling hard but to no avail – she could feel his choking hold – strangling the potency from her powers.

“What the fuck are you? Release me; release me now!” Her voice trembled as she spoke, for she felt him infiltrating her mind and dousing her meek attempt to summon her sisters, once again. She felt her heart seize to beat for a brief moment as he stepped forth into the glow of the amber street light. His eyes were afire in a deep blood-red glow – the demonic hue of a body possessed.

Rid my form of all mortal connection – let Lucifer himself pervade my body and take control!” His laugh bounded gleefully as he recited her own spell back to her, mocking her as she struggled to piece together the puzzle.

“Release me!” she roared at him, pupils dilating in anger. He hissed, thrusting her with a violent, unseen force against the brick wall and winding her wet locks tightly around her throat until she quietened – soundlessly gasping for air.

“Quiet, little one,” he moved closer and stroked her cheek, enjoying the sight of her flinching body. “You invited the power of Satan –incarnate, into your body,” he smirked, lifting her a few inches from the ground with just the command of his forefinger. His lips curled into a cruel crescent as he watched her slim ankles contesting with the weight of her dangling heels. “This, my sweet child-” he gestured up and down the unsightly mortal body in which she had bound him, “-this is the body which you had just claimed as your plaything. This is the body to which you summoned pervasion!” Safi shook her head and blinked hard as raindrops and brewing tears blurred her vision; she wasn’t willing to believe that she could have been so stupid. “Oh yes. And then, under the watchful eye of your foresisters, you knelt and bowed – assuming the position of a bondslave – and willingly sealed your submission to me with a kiss.”

She had tethered herself to him and she was, therefore, his property until she had paid her dues – until she had satisfied him, completely. Her mind, body, and affinity were at his mercy now. The demon – Kal – chortled, drinking in the fragility which emanated from the foolish witch. Her soft flesh, together with a damaged sense of conviction, gave her an almost human-like quality. However, he had witnessed the extent of her power and experienced her savagery; he knew that she could be a fine protégé, for she brewed unsullied darkness within her heart, but she would have to earn the privilege of being bound to his side for eternity. Her punishment would be a test of strength, courage, aptitude, and loyalty. He would test her to near-complete consumption – to the brink of cessation and she would have to submit to him, freely. If she could endure the full extent of her training and punishment, he would keep her as his own and reward her with the omnipotence she so desperately desired.

The onslaught of rain charged horizontally, stinging the left side of Safi’s face, but the stubbornness within refuted even the thought of pleading. She clawed on, with the very tips of her fingers, in the hope that he would release his grip, any moment now. Kal smirked, admiring her perseverance even though her eyes were bulging and her breath was drawing to a thin wisp. Finally, once he was satisfied that he had weakened her will sufficiently, he dropped her to the ground in a wet heap. This would be her first test: “kneel, Saphira,” he ordered, with quiet authority. Although her thoughts were enraged with aggravation, and bitterness coated her tongue as she uttered the words he expected to hear. Fundamentally, she understood the natural order of the demonic realm and she respected any embodiment of Lucifer.

“I give myself to your service, lord, and master,” she said, with her head bowed and palms upturned and resting on her spread thighs, kneeling on the sodden tarmac of the carpark. She watched as his leather shoes appeared in her peripherals before he slowly began to circle her, like an ensnared animal. Finally resting in front of her, Kal lifted her chin and smiled menacingly into her apprehensive eyes.

“Good. You’re learning quickly, little one,” he retorted. “Ready?” Before she could even reply, he pulled her onto her feet with ease and pressed her against his soft chest with his strong arms. With a lightning flash that reflected the hue of Safi’s emerald eyes, she felt their entwined bodies drawing away from the cold and rain as the dank sight around them whipped into a blur. Her stomach plummeted to the soles of her feet, leaving her winded, as they journeyed through purgatory and into the darkest depths of the demon realm. The screams of a thousand tortured souls lined their path: ghostly limbs grabbing and reaching and clutching; hollow, haunted eyes stabbed into her mind. Safi found herself clinging on to her demon master, afraid of being lost in the abyss between the realms, should she lose her grip.

As they passed through the final vortex and into his lair, an immense heat enveloped her, immediately drying her drenched clothes and hair. She felt her coat, dress, underwear, and heels disintegrate from her body, leaving her naked and exposed. Her eyes scanned the stony chamber with its tar-like stalactites and protruding stalagmites. Every crevice was illuminated in the crimson light of the blood-moon which battled through a grey swirl of fog, far above. She couldn’t place where or how they had just entered and she certainly couldn’t see a way out but it didn’t faze her – she felt as though she was finally home. Her thoughts were swiftly interrupted as her master summoned her, ordering her to assume position before him. Her mouth suddenly felt dry and tight – she wondered if he could hear the thumping of her heart or the rushing of her blood beneath her skin.

“Look at me,” Kal ordered, in a voice that reverberated off the walls, crumbling away a hail of stone. Safi immediately obliged, raising her chin and meeting his demonic glare. She watched in awe and wonder as he began to grow in height before her, his body bulging and rippling as he tore through the shirt and trousers and started to shed his mortal shell, assuming his true form. His skin began to crack and stretch to paper-thin transparency, taking on the dark-red hue of the exposed, sinewy tissue and muscle beneath. His brow thickened and jaw protruded, flashing a row of sharp, white teeth and a long, forked tongue. Safi’s cheeks blushed almost as deep as the ruby orbs of his fiendish eyes. Her thighs felt moist and her knees trembled with wanton desire as he continued to tower and bust wider until he was almost eight feet tall. She bit her lip at the sight of his broad, expansive chest and swollen biceps, encompassing a network of thick, green veins; she was sure that he could crush her with one gasp of his expansive palm, should he wish to do so. Just the thought of his power made her clit burn with longing. He smirked as the scent of her arousal lingered in the air, noting how her eyes didn’t dare to examine the remainder of his epic form – ignoring his thick, trunk-like thighs and wide authoritative stance, and of course, shying away from the sight of his engorged, throbbing cock which hung menacingly before her.

She longed to touch her ravished clit and settle the insatiable yearning which was saturating her thoughts but she remained frozen to the spot with nervous apprehension – he didn’t need to use unearthly forces, for she was already falling under his spell. Towering over her supple body, he moved behind her and groped across her pale, milky torso and breasts with his calloused hands, testing her reactions and enjoying her groans. Her nipples stood to attention and pressed against his palm – the sweet, neediness made him salivate. He wanted, so desperately, to tease and toy and hurt and play with her. “You will be punished, my whore,” Kal pushed his tongue into her ear and delivered his message with a sharp hiss. She nodded, quivering at he began to kiss her neck, lulling her into his playground, ready to play his dangerous game.

“Yes, Master,” she exhaled, rolling her head back to rest against him as he teased and tantalised her flesh. As his hand snaked around her waist and roughly squeezed her breast, she felt him start to guide willowy tendrils of connection into her mind, shackling her wiles. A flash of defiance gleamed in her eyes – the colour of panic. She ripped out of his embrace, slashing her nails cleanly across his forearm, leaving a row of three raw gashes. “Not my mind!” She yelled, fingers raised and webbed in defence. The demon tittered as Safi glowered, edging away and backing herself into a corner. He felt the protection spell she had cast over her mind and body –soft rings, emanated around her, forming a halo. She watched with bated breath as his wounds closed up before her very eyes, leaving not even the lightest of scars.

“You silly girl,” the tittering exploded into a maleficent howl as he shattered Safi’s enchantment into a thousand shards. She gasped, feeling him snap each thread she had woven around herself, leaving her mind as exposed as her naked body. “You crave omnipotence and yet you are weak-willed. You thirst to satisfy the depravity within, and yet you waste time on only the most pitiable of creatures in all of the realms!” Kal bellowed the truth at her and watched as embarrassment shook away her insolence. “Leave my service, you unworthy wretch!” He spat the words with utter disdain, feeling the disappointment of her untouched body radiate across the space. His words struck a sensitive cord, swirling and settling as she watched him turn in the opposite direction and begin to slowly fade, from feet to ankles.

“No Lord… please…” she took a small step towards him, her cunt pulsating wildly. As his thighs vanished and she contemplated the thought of him slipping out of sight forever, she lunged forth, reaching to bring him back to her. Taking his hand, she touched his beastly fingers to her forehead, offering him a direct connection to her thought and desires. He relished the taste of her lucid thoughts and memories – watching his fiery seductress as she mercilessly reaped the souls of a hundred feeble, mortal men. He felt a stirring in his loins as he played back reminiscences of her hungry mouth, expertly feeding and slurping.

“Very well…” he lifted her chin and looked down on her with a smile that near-resembled compassion. “That was your one and only second chance,” his stare ensured that she understood the severity of his words. Grabbing her wrists, he bound them with a force she had never experienced before and locked them tightly above her head, before spreading her ankles as wide as they would go. Her body looked so incredible, tightly bound and stretched. Her red hair flowed freely down her back, tickling the base of her spine as she wriggled, testing the enchantment. She felt the stone floor beneath her beginning to heat, causing her to rise onto tiptoes. As the heat intensified and he watched her moan before him, he loosened the manacles and allowed her enough power so that she might levitate, just slightly, above the searing ground.

“You will need to show control and poise,” Kal smirked, running a finger up her arched back before kissing and biting her neck and throat. “You’re going to take one hundred lashes across your body whilst maintaining your position. If you break your spell and touch the ground, we begin again,” he wound her hair around his fist, jolting her backwards and testing her composure. With barely a quaver, she held still, feeling her cunt throb and leak the nectar of her desire. Taking a step back, he produced a thin black whip – she noted how insignificant it looked, resting against his heavy palm. He trailed the end over her feet and calves, guiding it up her spread thighs and dragging in over her puffy lips. She moaned and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation – her hips rocked steadily in response. “Ready?” he said, running his pronged tongue up her cheek.

“Yes, Master,” her voice trembled mildly as she braced herself. Without warning, the whip lashed over both arse cheeks, adorning her pale flesh with a long, pretty, pink welt. The sting lasted only seconds and left her hungry for more, to which the demon zealously obliged. With the deft flick of his wrist, he beat her methodically, working down her back, arse, and thighs in a criss-cross formation. The pain was exquisite; sharp and sweet, it rolled through her body, fuelling her determination and powering her incantation. Every yell and groan made him throb with pleasure; his cock bulged, ready for her.

As he crossed sixty lashes, he noticed her mind beginning to waver. “Focus on the bite – channel it and use it,” his voice guided her tumultuous thoughts. Raising his hand high, he prepared to rain down a succession of twenty, painful lashes. The end of the whip divided into nine, thin, snake-like strands, each with a hissing, forked tongue which resembled his. “Control your powers, girl. Ready?” Safi didn’t respond – using all of her might to remain in levitation. The demon, breaking position, approached her from behind and kissed her shoulder as he ran a thick finger across her soaking lips, teasing them apart. “You’re incredibly aroused,” he whispered into her ear, thrusting his middle finger deep inside her and feeling her slick juices coat his horny hand. Safi’s eyes opened wide – a lengthy groan swirled around them both as she adjusted to the sensation. Rocking and thrusting against him, he held her weight, effortlessly, allowing her to enjoy the brief pleasure he had afforded her.

As a second finger joined the first and slid inside her hot, sticky hole, Kal wrapped his hand around Safi’s slender throat and pressed his bulge firmly against her back. She melted against his chest, drawing from the comfort of his immense strength as she allowed him to penetrate her thoughts. “You drink in arousal from the pleasure and pain of your little toys, don’t you, little one?” he laughed, choking her harder and watching her splutter, trying to respond. She nodded feebly, eyes bulging. “Feel the pleasure I take from playing with you;” ramming knuckle deep inside her, he took her mind captive, flooding her with the sadistic pleasure that every crack of the whip brought him. Her eyes began to blacken, taking on an oily gleam, as evil effervesced within. She could feel the true extent of her power through the arousal she had evoked within her master and she hungered to taste more of it.

“Beat me, Lord,” she rasped, grinding ardently against his hand. He grinned, allowing her to speak: “Finish my punishment, Master, please!” Pulled away, he severed the connection of their bodies and minds, leaving her gagging for more. Her eyes were now ablaze with an all-consuming fire and she remained three inches above the searing ground, without even realising it.

“The remaining forty lashes will test you fully,” he said. As he spoke, she nodded in agreement, desperate to feel the full extent of his wickedness.

“Yes Lord,” she bowed her head, respectfully.

Grabbing her jaw, Kal kissed her deeply, forcing her to gag upon his invasive tongue as she had upon the length of many a mortal man. Their tongues duelled and her teeth grazed his lips – she savoured every second of his rough touch. “I want to see control – conduct your powers and force them to rise – use the pain and connect with my force,” he said, staring into her eyes. He ran his tongue across her red lips and fused them tightly, trapping her screams and leaving her completely voiceless. Slapping her soaked cunt, he laughed ruthlessly and watched as she struggled and panicked, turning feral before him. Tightening her shackles, he barked for her to quieten her mind: “Silence!” The word rammed itself directly into her thoughts and choked out her fear and doubt, forcing her to poise herself. “Forty lashes,” he repeated, authoritatively.

Assuming his position behind her, he beamed as her aura glowed with an air of pure maleficence – she was connecting with her true depravity. The punishment came harder and faster than the first, with each forked tongue on the end of the whip licking Safi’s skin and drawing muted screams from her lungs. The pain toiled and grumbled deep within, having no escape route from her tortured body. She aligned her mind with his and felt the sweet satisfaction of each raw whip – she watched, through his eyes, as he admired the masterpiece he was painting across her flesh. Each image fortified her innate power and gave her a raging strength which she had never experienced before. Her skin glittered and gleamed with a translucent, diamond-like quality.

As he approached the final five flicks of his wrist, he unlaced her lips and allowed the pleasured cries of her quivering body to flood and fill the entire realm – letting her screams paint the walls, as a lasting reminder of her submission to him. The final crack was the loudest of them all, hauling an unearthly howl from the fiery pit of her soul. Kal lassoed the whip around Safi’s stomach and roughly yanked her free from the manacles and into his strong arms. Grabbing a fistful of hair, he placed his hand over her forehead and squeezed hard as he gifted her transference of his power. Safi’s temples throbbed as he flooded her mind and body with her reward – pure, unadulterated malice. The sinful elixir swam exquisitely into every corner of her being and entwined with her own powers, washing away the sting of the pain she had just encountered.

“You did well, little one,” the demon lifted Safi into his arms and began to lick and kiss across her neck and over her sensitive nipples. The pleasure he gave her took her body to dizzying heights and caused her clit to jolt and sizzle with satisfaction.

“Thank you, my Lord,” she moaned, spreading her legs for him as she panted and tried to recover quickly. “That feeling… I don’t understand it,” her hands snaked around his neck and her nails drew across his back as she buried her face against his chest.

“You are part-demon, Saphira Southeil – evil resides within your very core. You have always had this innate affinity but you had never unlocked it,” he returned the rough touch of her razor-sharp nails, squeezing her inflamed arse and making her hiss.

“Part-demon? No, Lord – my mother… I, I’m part-mor-” she looked up at him in confusion.

“Your mother was a succubus of mighty strength and power – she seduced your father with ease which brought shame upon his family,” he laughed at the thought. “She was killed, however, when you were very young and that is why you were delivered back to your father, to reside in the mortal realm.” Kal’s words released a sense of comfortability within and Safi felt at one in her surroundings. “I can give you everything you desire and more…” he whispered into her heart. “Give yourself to me and my realm will be your playground,” he said, kissing, biting and gently sucking her breast, forming a small apple-shaped bruise on her pale flesh. As she nodded, he placed her down and watched her kneel before him, touching her forehead to his feet. The burning heat beneath her simply tingled against her sore skin for her master had enveloped her in a protective spell.

“My lord and master,” she began, with not a tremor in her mind or voice. “Feed me strength; feed me power – rid my form of all mortal connection; pervade my body and take control, for I give myself to thee, fully and completely, in mind, body, and soul, hereafter, for all of eternity.” As she reached the end of her affirmation, she felt his hand against her arched back, forging confirmation of his ownership. Without uttering a word, he picked her up and threw her down beneath his immense body, pinning her slim wrists to the ground as he pressed his menacing cock against her pussy mound. Spreading her legs around his body, he stared into her eyes and established a direct connection to her thoughts and desires, soothing any apprehension as he pushed gently into her slick opening.

Kal grinned with wicked satisfaction as her soft body began to shed its human form – fortifying and evolving – as she allowed her demonic form to rise to the surface for the first time. He thrust inside her tight cunt and watched her exhale deeply, exorcizing every spec of fragility and remorse from her body, allowing the evil from her master to spread and saturate and infuse, and merge with the sin of her lineage. As he rhythmically thrust inside her soaking cunt, her skin began to crack and grow semi-transparent, revealing the muscles and veins beneath. An iridescent shine glittered as she unearthed her true beauty to her master, in all its strength and glory.

“You need to cum for me, little one,” he grunted, grazing her neck with his fangs. He lifted her legs over his shoulders as her form had shifted enough to take the full extent of his thick cock. Pressing down to kiss her, she screamed into his mouth, overcome with heady pleasure as he pushed deeper than ever before! With tendrils snaked securely around her mind and his body claiming her sex as his own, she was fully and wholly submerged in the safety of her submission to his darkness. “Cum for me…” he growled lustily into her ear, making her entire body sizzle and burn with the desire to please. She focused fully on the motion of their bodies and felt his building pleasure mixing and mingling with that of her own.

Watching her body seize and tense, and her back arch, he thrust her harder and faster towards climax, mercilessly pervading her body with the blackest carnality. With her red talons delving into his back, he grinned and watched her eyes burn with ebony flames and her red locks sizzle and spit the embers of hell. With a scream that shook the stone walls around them, she gave in to the depravity of her mind and released a surge of sinful power from her body, convulsing and groaning as her master gave her orgasmic pleasure that she had never seen in even her most abhorrent nightmares!

As she lay against Kal’s expansive chest, feeling a throbbing sensation still emanating from her clit, she admired the appearance of her demonic skin. “Thank you, master…” she panted, feeling his arms around her body and listening to the sweet hum of his mind in action, revelling in the possibility of the toil and torment they could unleash as a combined force. Just the thought was enough to make her cunt drip with arousal and her heart pound with anticipation.

“Don’t thank me just yet, little one” his eyes glittered with sheer wickedness, “I have big plans for you.”

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