The Fantasies Collection

The Fantasies Collection

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About the book…

Awaken your sexiest desires and watch your ultimate fantasies come to life…

Let’s take a selection of scenarios and characters from your wildest dreams and blend them with a hot slice of BDSM action. The result? Six steamy stories that range from sweet and sexy to downright dirty!

Including a roadside encounter with a handsome policeman & his belt; a VERY intimate dinner-party; the punishment of a curious babysitter, and a gruelling job interview, The Fantasies Collection will leave you aching for some kinky role-play action!

Also featuring an EXCLUSIVE lockdown, sex-dungeon story – Lockdown – Locked Up!

Plus, enjoy a BONUS short-story based on the Audio Erotica Script, written for Audio Desires.

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Punishing the Babysitter

“Sasha, have you ever been spanked before? Sexually, I mean.” Henry hung up his jacket and rolled up his shirt-sleeves before loosening his tie and cracking his knuckles with a satisfying crunch. As Sasha tried to respond, Anna playfully pinned her wrists above her head and slid her tongue into her mouth, kissing her intensely. Henry smiled, noting that his wife needed attention. He pulled his belt free and folded it in half, bringing it down hard across the centre of Anna’s cheeks. She squealed at the unexpected sting, rolling onto her back. “I’ll ask you again Sasha, have you ever been spanked?” Sasha gasped and edged backwards on the bed.

The Main Course

Marc tugged Jennifer to her feet and secured her ankles in place, using the attached leather cuffs; he repeated the process with her wrists and placed her neck in position, securing the stocks to ensure she had no way of escaping. Finally, he pressed a hand on her lower back and corrected her position; he raised her arse into the air, nice and high, so that she would feel the benefit of every, single stroke he was about to award her. Removing the apron, he stepped back to admire the exquisite form of his fuck-toy before walking around the stocks to assess the view from every angle. He smirked as his guests complimented her plump breasts which hung beneath her, through the cut-outs of the bodysuit, eagerly taunting him to apply a set of clamps. Moving to the sideboard, his dominant side smouldered as he looked at the inviting selection of toys and implements that were laid out for his pleasure. Jennifer’s eyes flitted nervously around the room. Her stomach knotted in a jealous twist as she noticed how some of the guests had started touching already. Seeing cocks being stroked and pussies being rubbed brought out a growling hunger she had never felt before.

Lockdown – Locked Up

“This isn’t acceptable though, Sub. Lockdown is only effective if everyone plays their part,” Jack narrowed his eyes and immediately silenced her imminent protesting. She closed her mouth and simply nodded instead. “Now, we’ll discuss this tomorrow, Sub – bright and early… you will be punished. That will give me long enough to decide exactly what to do with you,” he grinned wickedly, locking the front door and pushing down the bolt.

“Tomorrow? But I have to go back tonight, Sir!” Miya furrowed her brows again as Jack laughed and shook his head.

“I don’t think so, Sub. Lockdown means lockdown… you’re all mine now and you’re not going anywhere.” He placed his hand around her slender neck and pushed her backwards, against the wall, feeling her body squirm and watching as her eyes emanated pure, wanton desire. “If you’re a good girl, I’ll let you sleep in the bed with me tonight,” he smirked down at her, squeezing gently.

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